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Malibu Unites – About Us

Malibu Unites started around 2010 when the environmental issue in Malibu broke out and threatened a lot of people’s health and safety, most especially the children’s. Of course, we could not afford to see and let these children be affected by the issues and crisis happening in their place, and knowing that the toxic chemical PCBs can take away these children’s education away from them. Therefore, we made our move. There are a lot of people, parents, teachers, and others who were very concerned so they reached out for help. Fortunately, it was not just the people in Malibu who were concerned, several organisations stepped in for the sake of the children and the people.

With their help, we were able to provide a platform for the people’s voices to be heard. We assisted them in reaching out to the government and asked others’ help for this matter. After a long time, the government and other concerned authorities were finally able to take serious action. So many people paid attention, gave donations, and gave their personal help and participation in this project. Malibu Unites is very thankful for this support, most especially the children, parents, and teachers who were very much affected by the presence of the PCBs. Everyone was relieved that they were able to receive a great amount of help from others and that they knew they weren’t alone in fighting for their rights.

Now, the children are happily and safely studying in the school of Malibu where the issue broke out. However, the work of Malibu Unites continue. They remain alert and helpful and keep reaching out to people who need help. Whatever problems or issues there are, as long as it concerns the safety, health, and education of children, they are more than ready and willing to help. It is only righteous to keep helping others and fight for their own sake.