Malibu Unites

Malibu Unites

It is very important to find a support and give help to other people, most especially when life, health or education are the things on the line. For organizations and groups who fight for the people’s rights, it is very important to reach out to as many people as possible, and find help and support. Fortunately, a lot of people are kind-hearted enough and thoughtful to actually send aid and assistance. Now, I want to tell you about the rights of the children in Malibu and how they are more than deserving to be educated and have a safe environment for themselves like every other child and people in this world.

As we all know, education is a necessity for all of us. We cannot allow ourselves or our future children lack education or miss education in their lives. It is an important basic right of each human being to gain the knowledge we deserve and be ready for the life ahead of us. We must get ready for the future and not let ourselves be lost on track, lose hope for life, and most especially not fight for the education we deserve. However, education is not the only thing important because the safety and health of others cannot be forgotten as well. Fortunately though, there are people and organizations who fight for these issues just like Malibu Unites. From a small group of people which used to work inside a small garage, that would’t open until we had the garage door repaired in Milwaukee


, they were able to expand and reach out to Malibu so they can support the children, teachers and other people who were all bothered by the fact that they are not certain about their safety and health in their own environment.

In the year 2010, Malibu faced an environmental crisis wherein the PCBs made the parents, teachers, and children worry about their own safety and health. According to Judith A Enck, “PCBs are a toxic threat that should not be in any schools. Protecting children and school faculty from harmful chemical exposures is a top priority for the EPA.” And it is one of the reasons why Malibu Unites did their move to provide help and reach out to the government for help. The groups’ main goal is to ensure the health and safety of the students in the school, rally the support of the government to clean up their school from toxins and provide them a place to receive high quality education they deserve. With so many people that gathered with Malibu Unites and helped them with this project, they were able to finally achieve their goal. Fortunately, a lot of people participated and actually paid attention to the issue which gave them an opportunity to get help and provide assistance to finally put an end to the issues that were happening and stop the health and safety threats that happened way back in 2010.

Now, Malibu Unites and other organizations still continue to advocate for the health, safety, and education of people. We are hoping that you too, will participate in such campaigns and projects for others.