Malibu Unites - FAQs

Hi, I was just wondering about the whole issue that happened in Malibu way back in 2010. Can I read some news or articles about it on this website?

Hello, we deeply appreciate your curiosity about the issue in Malibu in the year 2010. If you would like to know more about it, you can see it on this website by going to the “Malibu’s PCB Issue” and there you can read more details and information.

Do you still have other projects and campaigns for other issues and crisis?

Yes, Malibu Unites continues to reach out to many people and give help or support. We do also unite with other organizations and groups to make our advocacy more effective. By doing this, we are more likely be able to give more attention to many people and give them help.

I know that the problem in Malibu has ended, however, I am still willing to give help. Can I still donate to your group even if the issue in Malibu has ended?

Yes, you can still give us a help. Please send a donation anytime. As we’ve said, we still continue with our advocacy so we have lots of projects and campaigns for other people or other issues so any help you would like to extend is very much appreciated. We thank you for thinking about donating to us even though you know that the very first issue we took part in has ended.

Can I be a part of your organization or group? If yes, how?

Hello, we would like to thank you for thinking about joining our group. If you want to be a part of us, feel free to send us a message through email which is given in the contact section. You may speak to us regarding your will to be a part of Malibu Unites.