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Kath V.

Hi, I am one of the students who studied in Malibu in the year 2010. I experienced that threat that the PCBs gave us that year. We were all frantic and scared about it since we all know that this is toxic and is dangerous for our health. We were more than glad that there are people who gave helped us and Malibu Unites was the group and organization that was there for us. I really would like to express my gratitude up until now. Even though years have passed, it was still thanks to all of the people who helped us that we were able to study and be educated without worrying about ourselves. Soon, I’d be glad to join the group once I finish college!

Simon A.

Hello, Kath! Thank you for thinking about joining this group once you finish college. We appreciate your thoughts and ideas for helping and we will make sure to anticipate it. I was not yet a part of the organization when the issue in Malibu happened but I do know the whole story of it. I’m glad you were able to continue your education along with the other children. It’s also a relief to know that we have helped many people for many years now.

Trisha P.

I actually know about the Malibu issue before as well and even though I’m not from that place, I know Malibu Unites became a great help for many people. It must feel good to be a help to others that is why I am willing to be a part of the organization as well.

Kath V.

It’s no problem, Simon! It’s actually an honor to be a part of the group so I can’t wait to join as soon as possible. And Trisha, let’s join together and see each other in the future as well.